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Still from Stella Artois' “Make Time for the Life Artois” campaign.

Anheuser-Busch is launching an entertainment division with help from Oscar-winning producer Michael Sugar in a push to reach consumers who don't watch ads

As more brands invest in Hollywood-style storytelling, beverage giant Anheuser-Busch is forming its own filmed content studio to reach more consumers.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T20:52:18Z
bob iger

Disney executives are being directed to identify thousands of layoff candidates and propose other budget cuts by April

During Disney's February earnings call, CEO Bob Iger announced plans to eliminate 7,000 jobs across the company.
Media 2023-03-21T19:30:50Z
YouTube video editor David Stack with his dog.

How to get a YouTube video editor job and how much they earn

It's common for YouTubers to hire editors to help with their videos, both short and long form. Here's how to start earning money as a YouTube editor.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-21T18:51:51Z

YouTube lets advertisers use creators' video content as ads without their permission, hurting their ability to make money and build audiences

YouTube creator Taki Udon said his video was used as an ad without his permission, pointing to YouTube's ad tools as the problem.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T17:50:07Z

26 real media kits that influencers use to land brand sponsorships

Creators across four social media platforms shared the media kits they use to land paid partnerships with brands like Google, Kate Spade, and Meta.
Marketing 2023-03-21T17:09:49Z

Marketing for Small Business: Expert advice for engaging new customers, boosting profits, and retaining talent

Insider's "Marketing for Small Business" breaks down the most effective marketing techniques and how they can strengthen a brand and build community.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T17:07:29Z

These 2 charts show how Disney+ is off to a stronger start than Netflix and HBO Max with new signups for its ad-supported service

By its third month, 36% of new subscribers to Disney+ chose its ad tier, versus 19% for Netflix in its ad tier's third month, according to data from Antenna.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T17:04:04Z

How Disney, Netflix, and other Hollywood streamers and studios could be impacted by a writers strike

A writers strike looms at a risky time for the entertainment business. Experts broke down how well-prepared the major players are, including NBCUniversal, Amazon, Paramount, and more.
Media 2023-03-21T16:08:38Z

Read 13 pitch decks that helped media and tech startups nab millions in funding to disrupt entertainment

Tech is disrupting all parts of media and entertainment, and investors are rushing to cash in.
Media 2023-03-21T12:57:23Z

How to make $10,000 a month or more on OnlyFans, according to creators

OnlyFans can be a lucrative way to earn money as a creator. Influencers explain how they earn with subscriptions, messages, custom content, and more.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T12:23:46Z

How to get a boost on Instagram? Post 6 stories a day and use its in-app tools, says an influencer who meets regularly with the company. Here's her other advice.

An influencer had a one-on-one meeting with Instagram to ask questions from creators. She explains the types of content the algorithm favors.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T12:04:47Z

We mapped out the 70 top talent management companies and agencies for influencers in an exclusive database

We created an exclusive interactive database that gives an inside look at who is working with the top influencers on social media in 2023.
Premium Media 2023-03-21T09:00:00Z

Inside the demise of Vice, from turning away a $3.5 billion Disney offer to a 'painful' downward spiral that has the media giant scrambling for a buyer

Vice's future will likely be determined in the coming months as shareholders and employees face a few scenarios: a sale, a breakup of assets, or a bankruptcy.
Premium Media 2023-03-20T14:26:10Z

I'm an influencer who earns a 6-figure income by posting Amazon links that drive product sales. Here are my top strategies.

The Amazon Influencer program allowed Sal Farzin to become self-employed. His storefront for tech products draws up to 20% commission per sale.
Premium Media 2023-03-20T14:22:32Z

How a TikToker with 50K followers creates packages of sponsored content across different platforms to earn more from brands

Influencer Paulina Perez lists in her media kit prices for sponsored-content packages across TikTok and Instagram to entice brands to collaborate.
Premium Media 2023-03-20T13:54:07Z

20 women who have founded creator-economy startups and broken through in an industry where funding often goes to men

Even though many creators are women, creator startups have primarily been founded by men. Here are startups launched by women across the US.
Media 2023-03-17T19:46:08Z

How much money YouTubers with 1 million subscribers make

Creators who are a part of YouTube's Partner Program can monetize their YouTube videos with ads, with some receiving six-figure monthly paychecks.
Media 2023-03-17T19:28:20Z

How Instagram nano influencers make money with under 10,000 followers

"Nano" influencers on Instagram can turn a few thousand followers into a money-making side hustle or even a full-time job.
Media 2023-03-17T19:13:44Z

How to create an influencer media kit to get brand deals

Influencers on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube shared the exact media kits they use to pitch themselves to brands.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-17T15:56:42Z

WPP is nearing a deal to acquire influencer marketing specialist The Goat Agency

The Goat Agency said last year it "was on a fast track" to $100 million in revenue. The deal would give WPP a boost in social content production and access to D2C clients.
Media 2023-03-16T22:03:00Z

How much money YouTubers make, according to dozens of creators

YouTubers explain how much they earn per month, their RPM rates, and what they made on videos with 100,000 and 1 million views.
Premium Tech 2023-03-16T17:40:05Z

Blackface, booze, and blurred lines at the $2 billion tech firm Rokt

Rokt is billed as a top place to work and says it's on course to go public. But ex-employees paint a dark picture of what it's like to work there.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-16T14:35:18Z

Retail media is upending the business relationship between brands and ad sellers like Amazon and Walmart

Some advertisers want to change how they're being asked to buy e-commerce ads from retailers. Walmart, Amazon, and Target are tweaking their ad pitches in response.
Premium Media 2023-03-16T13:02:57Z

TikTok is hiring an A&R lead and beefing up song marketing as it takes aim at the music industry

TikTok's ambitions are coming into focus one year after it launched SoundOn. It could soon be viewed as a competitor by much of the music world.
Premium Media 2023-03-16T12:39:44Z

The top 3 creator-economy takeaways from SXSW, where TikTok went big and influencer products were on full display

SXSW started off with weird vibes as SVB worries ran amuck, but the creator economy still kept rolling. Here are 3 takeaways, from TikTok to AI.
Media 2023-03-15T22:43:43Z

A TikTok ban or forced sale could lead to major collateral damage for US tech companies like Apple and Chinese apps like Shein

TikTok has become a scapegoat in the US-China tech war. Experts say the current policy proposals could blow back on companies like Shein and Apple.
Premium Media 2023-03-15T13:52:41Z

The 2-page media kit a micro influencer used to secure more than 20 brand deals last year, including with Skims and Pottery Barn

Paulina Perez posts TikToks in both Spanish and English. She shares her 2-page media kit with rates for sponsored content on Instagram and TikTok.
Premium Media 2023-03-15T13:37:49Z

How TikTok manipulates its algorithm to boost views on certain topics, according to an exec at the company

TikTok has boosted views on videos of the World Cup and Taylor Swift, a tactic one exec compared to Netflix's movie recommendations.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-15T13:00:00Z

Uber is making its biggest play yet for the $10 billion US out of home ad market

The self-service platform will open up Uber to a larger pool of advertisers. Uber is targeting $1 billion in ad revenue by 2024.
Premium Media 2023-03-15T12:48:46Z

6 AI tools podcasters are using for new ideas, editing, and more — and why they're skeptical of ChatGPT

Podcasters have been testing ChatGPT and other AI tools. Here are the use cases they found, and their thoughts on the ethics of using it for podcasts.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-14T16:27:34Z

Here are the 19 most powerful execs in Meta's ads division.

These execs are key to bringing the social media giant's ad business back to growth.
Media 2023-03-14T15:16:42Z

The top breakout TikTok stars of each year since 2019 show how the app has evolved over time

Data from the celebrity search site Famous Birthdays shows TikTok's rising stars through out the years. It reveals how the platform has evolved.
Premium Media 2023-03-14T15:00:00Z

Creator startup Jellysmack is investing $25 million in the video catalogs of kids and family influencers in partnership with

Jellysmack partnered with entertainment startup to invest directly in kids and family creators.
Media 2023-03-14T14:07:39Z

Seeking nominations for top European and UK digital talent-management firms

Insider is looking for the top digital talent-management firms for our inaugural list. Nominees must be firms that were founded in Europe and the UK.
Premium Media 2023-03-13T19:21:22Z

9 ways creators and influencers are using ChatGPT, from writing video hooks to drafting emails to brands

Creators have been experimenting with AI chatbot ChatGPT to make content creation easier and faster. Here's how they're using the platform.
Premium Media 2023-03-13T18:25:01Z

Streamers are spending big on sports rights from soccer to MMA, and a surge in Spanish-language viewing has 'opened up a whole different market'

Large audiences viewed World Cup matches streamed in Spanish on Peacock, and media executives see new opportunity in Spanish-language sports rights.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-13T17:51:18Z

Inside Microsoft's plan to use the new OpenAI-powered Bing to steal share from Google and net billions of dollars in ad revenue

Microsoft has begun to give advertisers the first glimpse of what ads will look like in the new Bing chat.
Premium Media 2023-03-13T17:31:47Z

Why some TikTokers think the app's new paywall feature is a game changer and how they are approaching content strategy and pricing

TikTok is introducing a new paywall feature that will let influencers charge followers up to $190 for video collections, including longer-form videos.
Premium Media 2023-03-13T15:17:23Z

Vendors for a creator merch startup say the company has owed them money for months: 'Is anyone going to get paid?'

After software company Amaze acquired Spring's platform, a rep for Amaze told one vendor the company wasn't responsible for outstanding payments.
Premium Media 2023-03-13T12:54:59Z

How Instagram creators can 'use Facebook to extend their income,' according to its top exec Tom Alison

As Facebook hits 2 billion daily active users, its top exec wants creators to know: Facebook isn't dead. Here are Tom Alison's priorities for the app.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-13T12:00:00Z

A top GE HealthCare marketing exec reveals the brand strategy that helped the GE spinoff become a $35 billion company two months after going public

A top marketing exec told Insider how GE HealthCare developed its brand with a purple color and by leaning into the emotional side of healthcare.
Premium Media 2023-03-12T13:45:02Z

11 TikTok media kit examples that creators use to get paid brand partnerships

Many creators have built an engaged audience on TikTok and are now making money from it. Here are the exact media kits they've used to pitch brands.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-10T10:01:37Z

Kya Sainsbury-Carter is the new head of Microsoft Advertising. Meet 14 top execs behind the company's plan to double its ad revenue to $20 billion.

These 14 Microsoft execs plan to double its ad business revenue to $20 billion, through Bing, its Netflix sales deal, and by bringing more ads to Xbox.
Premium Media 2023-03-10T03:08:17Z

Layoffs are hitting media and entertainment companies from Disney to the Washington Post — here are 34 that have shed staff

Workforce reductions have rattled entertainment giants like Warner Bros Discovery, digital platforms such as Vox Media, and legacy news organizations including the Washington Post and NPR.
Media 2023-03-09T21:30:44Z

How TikTok is changing the music industry

We've been tracking TikTok's ascent from social-media newcomer to music power player. Here's a breakdown of how TikTok runs the music industry.
Premium Media 2023-03-09T19:50:37Z

Instagram and Facebook will pause their Reels Play bonus programs that paid creators in the US

Meta will pause its Reels Play bonus programs on Instagram and Facebook in the US, signaling the platforms will focus on ad-rev share models.
Premium Media 2023-03-09T13:21:45Z

7 YouTubers explain how much money they earned during the first month of the new Shorts monetization program

In February, YouTube began sharing revenue from ads placed on short-form videos with creators. Creators discuss how much they made and their thoughts.
Premium Advertising 2023-03-09T11:00:00Z

Brands like PepsiCo, Ally, Mondelēz, and Coty reveal how they've scored big returns by advertising in video games

Big brands like Ally, which will release a new campaign on "Fortnite" in April, revealed how they've made advertising in video games pay off and the challenges they've needed to overcome.
Premium Media 2023-03-08T17:57:41Z

News Corp and other media companies are gearing for battle with Google and Microsoft over AI chatbots using their content, and litigation is likely if not inevitable

Publishers want tech giants like Google and Microsoft to pay for the use of media articles to train AI chatbots. "Should we be giving our content to these models so they can learn to put us out of business?"
Advertising 2023-03-08T12:36:07Z

Seeking nominations for the most innovative chief marketing officers in the world in 2023

Insider plans to publish its eighth annual list of the most innovative CMOs, and we want to hear from you.
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